Atlantis CC342

CODE: 54034201


Atlantis is an enchanting multichrome purple with iridescent tones of blue and turquoise. The color seems to change when seen from different angles which creates a magical effect. The polish covers in two coats and with one coat this polish is semitransparent which makes it a beautiful topper on other colors. A great opportunity to be creative!


TRIND Caring Color is a range of caring nail polish that keep nails in optimal condition. The nail polish contains active ingredients that contribute to the additional strength of nails, while maintaining the effect of the nail care treatment and protecting the nail. Use TRIND Caring Colors in combination with the nail care products of TRIND for the best results.


Tips for the best results:

Start by applying a layer of TRIND Caring Base Coat on the natural nail to protect the nail and smooth nail surface. Continue by applying one or two coats of the desired TRIND Caring Color Nail Polish. Allow to dry. Last but not least, protect your manicure with TRIND Caring Top Coat or Nail Brightener (to intensify the color). Are you in a hurry? Use a few drops of TRIND Quick Dry after applying TRIND Caring Top Coat.