About us

TRIND Cosmetics is a Dutch company based in Amersfoort with more than 30 years’ experience in nail care, operating in more than 35 countries. TRIND products provide nails, cuticles, hands and feet with a strikingly better condition. TRIND strengthens nails and enhances their beauty without disturbing their natural structure.

Thanks to TRIND’s expertise, extensive laboratory research and constant interaction with customers, TRIND can offer millions of people worldwide the right solution to beautify their nails as well as solve their nail problems. With TRIND, beautiful nails are possible for everyone!

TRIND’s s secret

TRIND products are the result of 30 years of dedicated research, product development and interaction with women, all based on our passion for beautiful nails. We are the experts, providing women the opportunity to unlock the true beauty of their nails.

TRIND products are truly effective. Over the years, TRIND has developed unique formulas and techniques to ensure the effectiveness and absorbtion of active ingredients deep inside the nail for the most optimal results.